New Zealand Geologic Time Scale - List of New Zealand Geologic Time Epochs and Stages - Mesozoic Era - Cretaceous Period

Cretaceous Period

Name Abbreviation Start date (Ma) Named after
Mata epoch M
Haumurian stage Mh 84.0 Haumuri Bluff
Piripauan stage Mp 86.5 Piripaua
Raukumara epoch R Raukumara Range
Teratan stage Rt 89.1
Mangaotanean stage Rm 92.1 Mangaotane
Arowhanan stage Ra 95.2 Arowhana
Clarence epoch C Clarence River
Ngaterian stage Cn 100.2
Motuan stage Cm 103.3 Motu River
Urutawan stage Cu 108.4 Urutawa, a hill north of Matawai
Taitai epoch U Taitai, a hill near Ruatoria
Korangan stage Uk 117.5 Koranga
Undifferentiated Taitai 145.5

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