Neurotic Records

Neurotic Records is an independent extreme metal record label specialising predominantly in death metal, operating out of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Founded in late 2003 by Ruud Lemmen, who was initially responsible for European distribution for the American label Unique Leader before deciding to set up his own label.

In recent years, the label has been seen as an up-and-coming label after a number of relatively high-profile signings of certain bands, especially those signed from the well-respected Unique Leader label.

Neurotic Records is also directly involved in and responsible for the annual death metal festival Neurotic Deathfest, a growing music festival formerly known as the Rotterdam Deathfest - the name being changed to reflect the team behind the organisation of the festival as well as freeing the event up from being tied down to one specific city location.

In mid-2007, the label signed a licensing deal with American label Willowtip to distribute previously unavailable Neurotic Records releases and merchandise for sale in North America, Canada and Mexico. With that the Neurotic Records catalogue is available widely in all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the aforementioned countries and more.

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