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Teaching Methods

To provide individualized support to its students, NSOU has large number of Study Centres throughout West Bengal.

NSOU uses a variety of methods for distance learning:

1. Self Instructional Material: Self instructional study materials are distributed to the students through the Study Centres.

2. Audio-Video CD: Audio and video cassettes of a specific programme are supplied to the Study Centres. The audiotapes are run and video cassettes are screened at the Study Centres.

3. Personal Contact Programme: Instruction are imparted through self-instructional study materials and Personal Contact Programme. The Personal Contact Programme is generally held on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Gyan Vani FM Channel: NSOU started the Gyan Vani FM, Kolkata, a radio channel on 105.4 MHz.

5. Interactive Radio Counselling: The University broadcasts different subjects on 4th Sunday of every month through All India Radio (AIR) at Kolkata B. Apart from the regular classes various topics on Awareness Programme; Support Services Special Programme of National importances are also broadcast.

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