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Rayne's elder brother. He is the Director of the Artifact Foundation. Erenfried desperately tries to save him by appealing to Mathias, but instead, he is thrown into jail. Yorgo is then rescued by Erenfried within moments of his execution.


Angelique's pet cat, who led Angelique to an injured Rayne and later to JD. He does not like Nyx, hissing when he tried to pet him, showing that he sensed the power of Erebos. He seems to have a mysterious ability when Angelique's tears touch his fur.

Hannah And Sally

Angelique's friends, who appeared in only a few episodes.

Village Elder Of The Kozu Dragon Tribe

JD's "father", the one who found JD and claims him as his son.


He is JD's first friend; he was the first person who made JD smile. He was often seen smiling and singing a song to others, bringing JD with him wherever he went. He loved sunflowers and said that they appeared to be smiling all the time. He died of an unknown plague.


The first person to greet Angelique and Hyuuga when they arrived at the Dragon Tribe village. She was Kai's friend. It was her who showed Angelique and Hyuuga Kai's grave and told them about JD's past.


He was a friend of Hyuuga when he was still with the Knights of the Silver Tree. He was born into a family of knights and trained from a young age. He was thought to be the one to earn the "Holy Knight" title but Hyuuga got it instead. He died in the Tower of Dreaming Souls near Thunder Village because he inserted an Artifact chip (similar to the one Mathias has) on his neck to receive powers, but could not control them. He got possessed by Thanatos and his soul left him, while his body stayed at the Tower possessed by Thanatos. His soul became a shining butterfly, which throughout the series followed Hyuuga. Angelique noticed the butterfly when she first met Hyuuga, following it into the forest where the former knight was. In Season 2, at the end of episode 4, the butterfly disappears into the sky, meaning that his soul had ascended into heaven and he was now at peace.


A member of the Knights of the Silver Tree and old friend of Hyuuga and Carlyle.


A tomboyish girl that appears in the second season. Angelique, JD, Rayne and Hyuuga met her while travelling. After the Hidamari Mansion was burnt down, the group disappeared, and the Thanatos numbers increased, the people of Arcadia started to blame everything on Angelique and the "Aube Hunters". While the group was passing by a village, looking for a place to rest, a group of men cornered Angelique after she wandered off, trying to kill her due to their recognizing her as the "Queen's Egg". Sedona beat them up and saved Angelique. Afterwards, the group follows Sedona to her ship (of which she's the captain), where they stay for a while. She's rather skilled with the sword and she taught Angelique when she requested it. When they first met, Sedona didn't want to tell Angelique her name when she asked, because they weren't friends, so she told her to just call her "Captain". When they parted, she gave Angelique the fighting clothes and the sword she had lent her for practice as parting gifts, and she told her she could call her "Sedona", as they were now friends.

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