Nebraska Legislature - Membership


Note: The Nebraska Legislature is nonpartisan; members' party affiliations are for informational purposes only.

Affiliation Members
Republican Party 30
Democratic Party 17
Independent Party 2

Each member represents about 37,000 people.

District Senator Home
1 Dan Watermeier Syracuse
2 Bill Kintner Papillion
3 Scott Price Bellevue
4 Pete Pirsch Omaha
5 Heath Mello Omaha
6 John E. Nelson Omaha
7 Jeremy Nordquist Omaha
8 Burke Harr Omaha
9 Sara Howard Omaha
10 Bob Krist Omaha
11 Ernie Chambers Omaha
12 Steve Lathrop Omaha
13 Tanya Cook Omaha
14 Jim Smith Papillion
15 Charlie Janssen Fremont
16 Lydia Brasch Bancroft
17 Dave Bloomfield Hoskins
18 Scott Lautenbaugh Omaha
19 Jim Scheer Norfolk
20 Brad Ashford Omaha
21 Ken Haar Malcolm
22 Paul Schumacher Columbus
23 Jerry Johnson Wahoo
24 Greg L. Adams York
25 Kathy Campbell Lincoln
26 Amanda McGill Lincoln
27 Colby Coash Lincoln
28 Bill Avery Lincoln
29 Kate Bolz Lincoln
30 Norm Wallman Cortland
31 Rick Kowolski Omaha
32 Russ Karpisek Wilber
33 Les Seiler Hastings
34 Annette M. Dubas Fullerton
35 Mike Gloor Grand Island
36 John Wightman Lexington
37 Galen Hadley Kearney
38 Tom Carlson Holdrege
39 Beau McCoy Omaha
40 Tyson Larson O'Neill
41 Kate Sullivan Cedar Rapids
42 Tom Hansen North Platte
43 Al Davis Hyannis
44 Mark R. Christensen Imperial
45 Sue Crawford Bellevue
46 Danielle Conrad Lincoln
47 Ken Schilz Ogallala
48 John N. Harms Scottsbluff
49 John Murante Gretna

*Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature

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