Nauka (transliterated from Наука, meaning Science in Russian) may refer to

  • Nauka (publisher), previously known at the USSR Academy of Science Publisher, a Russian academic publisher
  • Nauka (ISS module), also known as Multipurpose Laboratory Module, a module for the International Space Station

Other articles related to "nauka":

Nauka (ISS Module) - Work On Nauka and Launch Date
... agreed with the Russians that the European Robotic Arm would be launched together with Nauka, mated on its surface for a later deployment in space. 2004, the Russian Federal Space Agency stated that Nauka should be ready for launch in 2007 on a Russian Proton rocket ... However, the Nauka project was delayed further, first to 2008 and later to 2009 ...
Nauka (publisher)
... Nauka (Russian Hаука, lit ... Nauka was the main scientific publisher of the USSR ... Nauka's main book selling company Akademkniga ("Academic Book" in English) had some 30 trading centers in all major cities of the country ...
Russian Orbital Segment - Future Modules - Nauka
... Nauka (Russian Нау́ка lit ... In October 2011, it was reported that Nauka was expected to be launched in the Summer of 2013 ... Nauka will then use its own engines to attach itself to the ROS ...