National Milk Bars

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Robert William Griffiths - National Milk Bars
... Griffiths founded Direct TT Supplies Ltd in 1933 to market the milk products of his farms directly to the public through National Milk Bars ... The bars had black and white chequered floors, jukeboxes and gleaming chrome fixtures, with stools beside bars selling milk and related products ... At the end of World War II he was operating 11 milk bars and the Four Crosses Creamery, Llanymynech - later operated by Dairy Crest ...

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    For the baby suckles and there is a people made of milk for her to use. There are milk trees to hiss her on. There are milk beds in which to lie and dream of a warm room. There are milk fingers to fold and unfold. There are milk bottoms that are wet and caressed and put into their cotton.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)