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... and local levels should be financed through a self-capitalized national infrastructure bank lending at zero-interest ... Operating on a national scale, such a bank could begin to rebuild our job base starting at the state and local levels ... credit created 'out of thin air' by the banking system." A national dividend "The endemic gap between prices and purchasing power in an advanced economic ...
Economic Democracy - Reform Agendas - Social Credit - National Dividend
... Cook also proposed a national dividend, sometimes known as a Basic Income Guarantee or "BIG", was advocated in the United States by economists, politicians and reformers, including Thomas Paine, Milton Friedman ... States citizens, Cook estimates a "National Dividend" of approximately $12,600 could be provided annually to every U.S ... Funding of the National Dividend would be drawn from a national credit account, which would include all factors that generate production costs and create new capital assets ...

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    You are, or you are not the President of The National University Law School. If you are its President I wish to say to you that I have been passed through the curriculum of study of that school, and am entitled to, and demand my Diploma. If you are not its President then I ask you to take your name from its papers, and not hold out to the world to be what you are not.
    Belva Lockwood (1830–1917)