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National Colours

Country Flag Primary colours Secondary colours Further information
Albania Red and black blackish blue and purple
Algeria Red, white and green
Angola Red, black and yellow
Argentina Sky blue, white and gold Dark blue
Armenia Red, blue and orange
Australia Green and gold Blue and gold National colours of Australia
Austria Red and white
Azerbaijan Blue, red and green
Bahamas Blue, gold and black
Bangladesh, Peoples Republic of Green and red Brown and blue
Barbados Ultramarine, black, and gold
Belarus Green, red and white Red and white only
Belgium Black, yellow and red
Bolivia Red, yellow and green
Bosnia & Herzegovina Blue, yellow and white
Brazil Green and yellow Blue and white
Bulgaria White, green and red
Canada Red and white Canada often uses black for sporting events, and is considered Canada's third colour (but with a status less than that of red and white)
Chad Dark blue, yellow and red
Chile Red, white and blue
China, People's Republic of Red and yellow White
Colombia Yellow, blue and red
Costa Rica Red, white and blue
Croatia Red, white and blue Red and white Chequy
Cuba Red, white and blue
Cyprus Blue and white
Czech Republic Blue, red and white
Denmark Red and white
Ecuador Yellow, blue and red blue and white
Egypt Red, white, black and gold
El Salvador Blue and white
Estonia Blue, black and white
Ethiopia Green, yellow and red Light blue
Finland Blue and white Red and yellow
France Blue, white and red black
Germany Black, red and gold White and black The German national football team traditionally uses green as away colour, but it is not considered a national colour. See more at National colours of Germany
Ghana Red, gold and green White and black
Greece Blue and white
Guatemala Blue and white
Haiti Blue and red Black and red
Honduras Blue and white
Hong Kong Red and white Blue and white
Hungary Red, white and green
Iceland Red, white and blue
Indonesia Red and white
Iran Red, white and green Pan-Iranian colours
Iraq Green, white, black and red Pan-Arab colours
Ireland Green St. Patrick's blue (and gold); green and gold; green, white, and orange. In the nineteenth century, rival unionists and nationalists disagreed over blue and green, regarding one as the "national colour" and the other as their opponents' "party colour". Since the twentieth century most sports teams have worn green, whether representing the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, or the entire island.
Israel Blue and white
Italy Azure blue Green, white and red Blue is the colour of the Royal House of Savoy
Jamaica Green, gold and black
Japan Red and white Blue and white
Jordan White, Green, Black, and Red Pan-Arab colours
Kazakhstan Light blue and yellow
Kenya Red, black, green and white
Latvia Maroon and white
Liberia Red, white and blue
Libya Black, green and red Black, green, red, and white Pan-Arab colours
Lithuania Yellow, green and red
Macau Green, White and yellow Red
Republic of Macedonia Red and Yellow Red and Black
Malaysia Red, white, blue and yellow Royal Yellow and Black
Maldives Red, green and white
Malta Red, and white
Mexico Green, white and red Burgundy and navy blue
Nepal Red
Netherlands Orange Red, white and blue Orange is the colour of William the Silent, leader of the Protestant revolt and eventual monarch
New Zealand Black White or silver
Nicaragua Blue and white
Nigeria Green and white
Norway Blue, white and red
Pakistan white and green
Panama Blue, white and red
Paraguay Red, white and blue
Peru Red and white
Philippines Red, white, blue and gold
Poland White and red
Portugal Green and red Blue and white (traditional national colours in monarchy)
Romania Blue, yellow and red
Russia White, blue and red Red only; White only; White, yellow and black
Saudi Arabia Green and white
Serbia Red, blue and white Yellow and black
Singapore Red and white Blue and white
Sierra Leone Green, white and blue National colours of Sierra Leone
Slovakia White, blue and red Red, white and blue
Slovenia Green and white Blue, white and red
South Africa Dark green and gold Red, white, blue and black
South Korea White Red, blue, and black
Spain Red and yellow Blue
Sri Lanka Red and gold Blue and gold Represents the Sri Lankan royalty
Sweden Blue and yellow
Switzerland Red and White
Thailand Red, white and blue Yellow
Taiwan, the Republic of China Blue, white and red Green
Togo Red, yellow, green and white
Trinidad and Tobago Red, white, and black
Tunisia Red and white
Turkey Red and white Turquoise
Ukraine Blue and yellow Orange, or Red and Black
United Kingdom Red, white and blue Red only National colours of the United Kingdom. See also British racing green
United States Red, white and blue
United Arab Emirates Red, green, white and black Pan-Arab colours
Uruguay Blue (normally light), white and yellow Red and black
Vietnam Red and yellow
Venezuela Yellow, blue, red and white Burgundy

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