NAR 2 (Serbian Nastavni Računar 2, en. Educational Computer 2) was a theoretical model of a 32-bit word computer created by Faculty of Mathematics of University of Belgrade professor Nedeljko Parezanović as an enhacement to its predecessor, NAR 1. It was used for Assembly language and Computer architecture courses. The word "nar" means Pomegranate in Serbian. Many NAR 2 simulators have been created — for instance, one was named "Šljiva" (en. plum) as that fruit grows in Serbia, while "nar" does not.

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NAR 2 - Addressing Modes - Reading Values From Index Registers
... NAR 2 has an opcode to initialize the value of particular index register ("PIR" mnemonic) ... However, it does not have any special opcode to read values index registers ...