Naohiro (written: 直敬, 直宏, 直泰, 直弘, 直大, 直寛, 尚大, 尚弘) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Naohiro Ikeda (池田 尚弘?) (born 1940), Japanese volleyball player
  • Naohiro Ishikawa (石川 直宏?) (born 1981), Japanese footballer
  • Naohiro Kitade (北出 尚大?) (born 1973), Japanese footballer
  • Nabeshima Naohiro (鍋島 直寛?) (1746–1775), Japanese daimyō
  • Nabeshima Naohiro (Saga) (鍋島 直大?) (1846–1921), Japanese daimyō
  • Nagai Naohiro (永井 直敬?) (1664–1711), Japanese daimyō
  • Naohiro Oyama (大山 直大?) (born 1974), Japanese footballer
  • Naohiro Takahara (高原 直泰?) (born 1979), Japanese footballer
  • Naohiro Tamura (田村 直弘?) (born 1978), Japanese footballer
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Naohiro Ikeda
... Naohiro Ikeda (池田 尚弘, Ikeda Naohiro?, later Nakano 中野, born January 17, 1940) is a Japanese former volleyball player who competed in the ...
Nabeshima Naohiro (Saga) - Biography
... Naohiro was the second son of Nabeshima Naomasa, the 10th daimyō of Saga ... On the retirement of his father in 1861, Naohiro was appointed 11th (and final) daimyō of Saga Domain ... This marriage produced for Naohiro two granddaughters, the elder of whom named Masako who became known as Bangja, consort to the heir to the Korean Yi Dynasty ...
Nagai Naohiro
... Nagai Naohiro (永井 直敬?, 1664 – July 18, 1711) was a Japanese daimyo of the Edo period, who ruled the Akō Domain following its confiscation from Asano Naganori ... Naohiro was the eldest son of Nagai Naotsune, and assumed family headship after his father's death ... Upon the confiscation of the Nasu clan's territory in Shimotsuke Province, Naohiro was transferred there from his previous holdings in Kawachi, and thus became the lord of the Karasuyama Domain ...
Naohiro Takahara
... Naohiro Takahara (高原 直泰, Takahara Naohiro?, born June 4, 1979) is a Japanese footballer ...