Namor - Enemies


  • Attuma - Leader of the Atlantean barbarians, Attuma would threaten Atlantis repeatedly; conquering it on several occasions, and became Namor's nemesis.
  • Byrrah - Childhood friend and rival to Namor, Byrrah was Atlantean royalty that lost the throne to Namor and observed him as unfit for the position. For many years, he would challenge Namor's rule and ally with his enemies to usurp him although. In recent years, he appears to have made peace with Namor and stands by his side as a brother.
  • Captain Barracuda - A modern day pirate employing advanced technology that frequently crossed swords with Namor (and several other heroes).
  • Deep Six - A group formed by Attuma to maintain his rule of Atlantis during one of his periods as its conqueror. His subordinates included Tiger Shark, Orka, Piranha, Sea Urchin, and Nagala (bearing the Serpent Crown).
  • Doctor Doom - Sometimes allies as enemies, Doom and Namor use each other but inevitably turn against each other when their ultimate sensibilities override the benefits of working together. This has been their perpetual relationship since first meeting years ago.
  • Doctor Dorcas - A brilliant scientist that created several of Namor's greatest threats (such as Tiger Shark, Orka, and Piranha), often working alongside the likes of Attuma and Byrrah. He died in a battle with Namor.
  • Fathom Five - Led by Llyron, the son of Namor's enemy Llyra and supposedly Namor himself (later, we instead learn Namor's half-brother) that was passed off as Namor's successor who usurped his throne, Fathom Five sought to wipe out humanity. Its members include Dragonrider, Bloodtide, Manowar, and Sea Leopard.
  • Great White - An albino villain and shark trainer. He ambushed Loa and her father while they were surfing. Loa managed to use her ability to kill the sharks while Great White was defeated by Namor.
  • Karthon the Quester - A faithful servant to Lemurian ruler Naga that sought the Serpent Crown for his master from Namor. However, his sense of honor conflicted with his master and after Naga's rule was toppled, Karthon became king and an ally to Namor.
  • Llyra - A Lemurian that usurped Karthon's rule of his kingdom and became Namor's enemy when he tried to restore his friend and ally. She would return to face his repeatedly, in time becoming high priestess of Set.
  • Magneto - Sometimes allies as enemies, Magneto and Namor use each other but inevitably turn against each other when their ultimate sensibilities override the benefits of working together. This has been their perpetual relationship since first meeting years ago.
  • Naga - Longtime wielder of the Serpent Crown, Naga would rule Lemuria until he was murdered by his staunchest aide Karthon.
  • Orka - An underling of Krang empowered by Dr. Dorcas to be massively strong and grow stronger in the presence of orca. He would return repeatedly as a minion for Namor's enemies.
  • Piranha - Created by Dr. Dorcas, the Piranha is an ever-evolving enemy of Namor to return again and again.
  • Puppet Master - Using Namor as a pawn on several occasions, such as against the Fantastic Four and in obtaining funds, the Puppet Master would garner the ire of the sea king. On one occasion, when Namor considered befriending the Hulk, Puppet Master took the green behemoth over and forced him to battle Namor.
  • Tiger Shark - An Olympic swimmer transformed by Dr. Dorcas into a hybrid of Namor's DNA and a tiger shark. He battles Namor repeatedly over the years, at one time an ally to the sea king, though today he has again chosen to be his enemy.
  • Tyrak - A powerful warrior in Attuma's army that can grow to monstrous size and bears incredible physical strength.
  • U-Man - Meranno was a childhood rival to Namor that joined the Third Reich and took the name U-Man. Leading the Nazis to Atlantis, their attack left its emperor in a coma with Namor succeeding him. During World War II, he would be Namor's frequent sparring partner.
  • Warlord Krang - One time military leader of Atlantis' forces, Krang tried to usurp Namor's power and became an enemy to the kingdom. He would return repeatedly to challenge Namor.

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