Nahal Beka

Nahal Beka (lit. Valley Stream) is a neighborhood in Beersheba, Israel. It is its southernmost neighborhood.

In the 1990s, Nahal Beka had a large Russian immigrant population living in caravans and trailer homes. Since then, wealthier members of the Russian Jewish population have moved there and pushed for better services. Sports facilities have been built, and members of the community established the Center of Caucasian Immigrants.

Another organization in Nahal Beka is the United Russian Immigrants (URI), headed by the Putski family, which is working to improve local infrastructure and establish schools, businesses and cultural facilities.

American Jewish philanthropists have inaugurated a program in Nahal Beka to assist new immigrant youth from the Caucasus integrate in Israeli society. Youngsters aged 13–16 take part in a variety of after-school programs together with native-born Israelis that include field trips, leadership workshops and a summer camp.

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