Myrtle Beach Air Force Base - History - Major Units Assigned

Major Units Assigned


  • 3d Observation Squadron, June – July 15, 1940
  • 105th Observation Squadron, November 1 – December 21, 1940
  • 112th Observation Squadron, MarchSeptember 1941
  • Distribution Point 1, Morris Field, September 1941
  • 3d AAF, Bombing and Gunnery Range, March 24, 1942
Redesignated: 3d AAF Bombing and Gunnery Range Sq, November 23, 1942
40th Aviation Squadron, July 1, 1942 – May 1, 1944
(Detachment of: Royal Netherlands Military Flying School, Jackson AAB, Mississippi)
323d Bombardment Group (Training), November 4, 1942 – April 25, 1943
  • 519th Base HQ and Air Base Sq, March 30, 1943
391st Bombardment Group (Training), May 24, 1943 – September 6, 1943
404th Fighter Group (Training), November 13, 1943 – March 12, 1944
  • 351st AAF Base Unit, May 1, 1944
  • 136th AAF Base Unit, February 1, 1945
410th Bombardment Group, October 6, 1945 – November 7, 1945
  • 317th AAF Base Unit, April 1, 1946
Redesignated: 317th Air Force Base Unit, September 26 – November 1, 1947

USAF Units

  • 727th Aircraft Control and Warning Sq, September 26, 1955 – November 1, 1966
(Air Defense Command)
  • 4434th Air Base Sq, April 9, 1956
  • 342d Fighter Day Wing, July 25, 1956
  • 354th Tactical Fighter Wing, November 19, 1956
  • 113th Tactical Fighter Wing, August 25, 1968
  • 354th Tactical Fighter (later Fighter) Wing, June 15, 1970 – March 31, 1993

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