Myeongnim Dap-bu

Myeongnim Dap-bu (67? – 179) (명림답부, 明臨答夫) was the first Guksang (국좌상, Prime Minister) of Goguryeo, and was known for his overthrowing of the tyrannical King Chadae, and his victory against the Han Dynasty at the Battle of Jwa-won.

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Myeongnim Dap-bu - Controversial Views
... have shared many different views on the figure of Myeongnim Dap-bu ... However, King Sindae was not a puppet ruler under influence of Myeongnim Dap-bu, like King Bojang was with Generalissimo Yeon Gaesomun ... No historical texts suggest that Myeongnim Dap-bu abused his power or was particularly cruel or violent ...