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The show starts with the introduction of the person who is seeking his/her singer. Then, two friends of him/her introduce themselves and tell somethings about the participant and afterwards they head to the "My Own" studio, where they meet the six challengers. Most times punch lines are said, causing laughing in the "audience". Then the trivia round starts. In this round the contestants have to answer trivia questions about the singer, followed by a mini singing and dancing round. Based on not only the results of this round but also on looks and (apparent) personality, the "chooser" chooses four contestants to pass to the next round. In the second round, the contestants show their houses and talk a bit about their hobbies and tastes, finishing every "dialog" with "that's why you should pick me as your own..." or "now that you've seen what I can do, pick me as your own...". In this part of the round the chooser and friends often laugh. Then, his/her friends take the four contestants to a competition that involves something that has to with the star in cause. Afterwards the chooser eliminates one contestant and the three that are left are going to fare against each other in a singing performance to determine the winner. The contestants are dressed like the video clip that the star appears in, they have singing and dancing training. It is a fact that each contestant has its weak and strong points. With advisory of their friends the chooser picks his/her contestant. The show has since been cancelled.

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