My Favorite Martian - Episode List - Season Two

Season Two

Title Original
38 "Dreaming Can Make It So" 1964.09.27
39 "The Memory Pill" 1964.10.04
40 "Three To Make Ready" 1964.10.11
41 "Nothing But The Truth" 1964.10.18
42 "Dial M for Martin" 1964.10.25
43 "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!" 1964.11.01
44 "My Uncle the Folk Singer" 1964.11.08
45 "The Great Brain Robbery" 1964.11.15
46 "Double Trouble" 1964.11.22
47 "Has Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?" 1964.11.29
48 "Don't Rain on my Parade" 1964.12.06
49 "Night Life of Uncle Martin" 1964.12.13
50 "To Make a Rabbit Stew, First Catch a Martian" 1964.12.20
51 "Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?" 1964.12.27
52 "The Case of the Missing Sleuth" 1965.01.03
53 "How're Things in Glocca Martin?" 1965.01.10
54 "Geshundheit, Uncle Martin" 1965.01.24
55 "Martin Report #1" 1965.01.31
56 "Uncle Martin and the Identified Flying Object" 1965.02.07
57 "A Martian Fiddles Around" 1965.02.14
58 "Humbug, Mrs. Brown" 1965.02.21
59 "Crash Diet" 1965.02.28
60 "Gone But Not Forgotten" 1965.03.07
61 "Stop or I'll Steam" 1965.03.14
62 "The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It" 1965.03.21
63 "We Love You, Miss Pringle" 1965.03.28
64 "Uncle Baby" 1965.04.04
65 "Once Upon a Martian Mother's Day" 1965.04.11
66 "Uncle Martin's Bedtime Story" 1965.04.25
67 "006 3/4" 1965.05.02
68 "Never Trust a Naked Martian" 1965.05.09
69 "Martin's Favorite Martian" 1965.05.16
70 "The Martian's Fair Hobo" 1965.05.23
71 "A Martian's Sonata in Mrs. B's Flat" 1965.05.30
72 "The Green Eyed Martian" 1965.06.06
73 "El Señor from Mars" 1965.06.21
74 "Time Out for Martin" 1965.06.20
75 "Portrait in Brown" 1965.06.27

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