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Music in The Film

Vocals composed for the film

  • Over the Rainbow - Dorothy (Judy Garland)
  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are - Glinda (Billie Burke, erroneously reported dubbed by Lorraine Bridges) / The Munchkins (Singer's Midgets, billed as The Singer Midgets in the film's closing credits)
  • It Really Was No Miracle - Judy Garland and the Munchkins
  • We Thank You Very Sweetly - The Munchkins
  • Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - The Munchkins
  • As Mayor of the Munchkin City - The Munchkins
  • As Coroner I Must Aver - The Munchkin Coroner
  • The Lullaby League - Three Munchkin girls (Betty Rome, Carol Tevis, Lorraine Bridges)
  • The Lollipop Guild - Three Munchkin boys (Billy Bletcher, Jerry Maren, Cliff Edwards)
  • We Welcome You to Munchkinland - The Munchkins
  • You're Off to See the Wizard - The Munchkins
  • If I Only Had a Brain - Scarecrow (Ray Bolger)/Judy Garland
  • We're Off to See the Wizard - Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Buddy Ebsen (pre-recorded)/Bert Lahr
  • If I Only Had a Heart - Tin Man (Jack Haley)
  • If I Only Had the Nerve- Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr)
  • Optimistic Voices - unseen chorus
  • The Merry Old Land of Oz - Carriage Driver at Emerald City (Frank Morgan)/Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Bert Lahr/Jack Haley/Citizens of the Emerald City
  • If I Were King of the Forest - Bert Lahr/Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Jack Haley
  • The Jitterbug (cut from the film) - Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Bert Lahr
  • Over the Rainbow (Reprise) (cut from the film) - Judy Garland
  • Hail Hail The Witch Is Dead/The Merry Old Land Of Oz (Reprise) (cut from the film; a brief moment from this can be seen in the 1949 re-release trailer for the film) - Head Winkie Guard (dubbed by Ken Darby)/Citizens of the Emerald City

Instrumentals in the film:

  • In addition to the well-known vocals by Harburg and Arlen, nearly the entire film was underscored by arranger Herbert Stothart, using a mixture of instrumental-only leitmotifs composed for some of the characters; instrumental references to some of the vocals; and traditional and classical pieces. Much of the following information (which is by no means an exhaustive list) is taken from the Deluxe CD liner notes.

Composed for the film:

  • Opening credits medley: Glinda's theme, dynamic full-orchestra version, played over the MGM Leo the Lion logo; followed by segments of "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead" played slowly and majestically, so that the song is almost unrecognizable; they lead into "Over the Rainbow", then we hear "It Really Was No Miracle", a triumphant version of "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are", and "It Really Was No Miracle" again, followed by original music while the film's foreword appears on the screen.
  • Miss Gulch's / Witch's theme - repeated every time Miss Gulch or the witch appears. This repeated seven-note motif is actually a "crippled" variation (inverted and compressed in range) of the musical figure for "We're off to see the Wizard".
  • Orientale theme - for Professor Marvel and for The Wizard
  • Glinda's theme - 6-note pattern repeated several times rapidly each time Glinda arrives or leaves in her bubble: G, D, E, B-flat, G, C-sharp.
  • Closing credits medley: Glinda's theme (full orchestra) / Over the Rainbow

Music not composed specifically for the film:

  • "The Happy Farmer", i.e. Fröhlicher Landmann, von der Arbeit zurückkehrend, "The Happy Farmer Returning from Work" from Schumann's Album for the Young - opening scene, establishing scenes in Kansas, and during "ride" in cyclone
  • "My Castle's in the Courtyard" (nursery rhyme) - in sequence leading up to "Over the Rainbow"
  • "The Whistler And His Dog" (by Septimus Winner) a.k.a. "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" - when Toto escapes from Miss Gulch's basket as she pedals on her bicycle to the sheriff
  • "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" (by Harry Williams and Egbert Van Alstyne) - when Dorothy and the Scarecrow find themselves in an apple orchard
  • Scherzo Opus 16 #2 (by Mendelssohn) - when Toto escapes from the castle
  • "Night on Bald Mountain" (by Mussorgsky) - during chase scenes at the witch's castle
  • "Gaudeamus Igitur" (traditional) - a few bars when the Wizard awards the Scarecrow his honorary degree
  • "Home! Sweet Home!" (by John Howard Payne and Henry Bishop) - as Dorothy says the words and clicks her heels, and in the final scene in Kansas. In the final moments of this scene, a horn intones "Home Sweet Home" in counterpoint to the final strain of "Over The Rainbow."

Tracklisting for Rhino Deluxe Edition

This set does not include any spoken dialogue. Its main purpose is to present the songs as well as the pure audio background music from the movie. The set is quite extensive as it contains many "extended versions" of songs and background music with which most people are familiar. All of the songs from the movie are presented on the set in their full, and even some extended, vocal versions. Vocal tracks are identified (vocal) in bold type; other tracks are instrumentals.

Disc One:

  1. Main Title
  2. Trouble in School - (extended version)
  3. Farmyard - (outtake)
  4. Over the Rainbow - vocal
  5. Miss Gulch - (extended version)
  6. Leaving Home
  7. Crystal Gazing
  8. Cyclone - (extended version)
  9. Munchkinland
  10. I'm Not a Witch
  11. Come Out, Come Out... - vocal
  12. It Really Was No Miracle - vocal
  13. We Thank You Very Sweetly - vocal
  14. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - vocal
  15. As Mayor of the Munchkin City - vocal
  16. As Coroner, I Must Aver - vocal
  17. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (Reprise) - vocal
  18. Lullaby League, The - vocal
  19. Lollipop Guild, The - vocal
  20. We Welcome You to Munchkinland - vocal
  21. Threatening Witch - (extended version)
  22. Leaving Munchkinland
  23. Good Fairy Vanishes
  24. Follow The Yellow Brick Road / You're Off To See The Wizard - vocal
  25. Cornfield, The
  26. If I Only Had a Brain - (extended version) - vocal
  27. We're Off to See the Wizard - (duo) - vocal
  28. Apple Orchard, The - (extended version)
  29. If I Only Had a Heart - (extended version) - vocal
  30. Witch on Roof - (extended version)
  31. Bees & Tin Woodman Lament - (partial outtake)
  32. We're Off to See the Wizard - (trio) - vocal
  33. Into the Forest of Wild Beasts
  34. Lion's Confession, The - (outtake)
  35. If I Only Had the Nerve - vocal
  36. We're Off to See the Wizard - (quartet) - vocal
  37. Poppies
  38. Spell, The - (extended version)
  39. Optimistic Voices - vocal
  40. Sign On The Gate / The City Gates Open - (extended version)
  41. Merry Old Land of Oz, The - vocal
  42. Change Of The Guard (Outtake) / Wizard's Exit
  43. If I Were King of the Forest - vocal
  44. At the Gates of Emerald City - (extended version)
  45. Magic Smoke Chords
  46. Terrified Lion

Disc Two:

  1. Haunted Forest, The - (extended version)
  2. Jitterbug, The - (outtake) - vocal
  3. Jitterbug's Attack, The - (extended version)
  4. Witch's Castle, The - (extended version)
  5. Toto Brings News
  6. Over The Rainbow (Reprise) - vocal (outtake)
  7. March of the Winkies
  8. Dorothy's Rescue - (extended version)
  9. On the Castle Wall - (extended version)
  10. Ding-Dong! Emerald City - vocal (outtake)
  11. The Wizard's Expose / Emerald City Graduation Exercises
  12. Fill-In Awards / I Was Floating Through Space / Balloon Ascension / Second Cheer
  13. I Hereby Decree
  14. Delirious Escape / Delirious Escape Continued / End Title
  15. Main Title - (alternate take with unused tag)
  16. Over the Rainbow - (partial take) - vocal
  17. Over the Rainbow - (alternate take) - vocal
  18. Cyclone - (final film version)
  19. Munchkinland Insert - (alternate tag)
  20. I'm Not a Witch - (alternate version)
  21. Munchkinland Musical Sequence - (rehearsal demo) - vocal
  22. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - (alternate a cappella choir version) - vocal
  23. Lollipop Guild, The - (original Munchkin actors' voices) - vocal
  24. Follow The Yellow Brick Road / You're Off To See The Wizard - (orchestral angles)
  25. If I Only Had a Brain - (unused dance music)
  26. If I Only Had a Heart - (unused version) - vocal by Buddy Ebsen
  27. Lion's Confession, The - (alternate take outtake/ alternate arrangement)
  28. Poppies - (alternate version with heavenly choir)
  29. Optimistic Voices - (rehearsal demo) - vocal
  30. Optimistic Voices - (alternate vocal arrangement) - vocal
  31. Merry Old Land of Oz, The - (orchestral angles)
  32. If I Were King of the Forest - (alternate take partial take/alternate vocal tag) - vocal
  33. If I Were King of the Forest - (alternate vocal tag) - vocal
  34. Jitterbug, The - (choreography rehearsal)
  35. Over the Rainbow (Reprise) - (outtake/ alternate version) - vocal
  36. Ding Dong! Emerald City - (alternate version)
  37. End Title - (alternate version)

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