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The Cambó Bequest

The collection of paintings that the Catalan politician and arts patron Francesc Cambó (1876-1947) built up with the intention of donating works by the great masters to complement the great medieval series in the Museu d'Art de Catalunya as it was then known, is the most valuable altruistic donation that the MNAC has received in its history, and the one which has most served to enrich the body of Renaissance and Baroque works here.

The Cambó Bequest forms a collection of paintings embraces European painting history from the 14th to the early 20th century. It includes representative works of the Gothic and Renaissance periods, together with pieces that illustrate the perfection of the Italian Quattrocento, the sensuality of the great Venetian masters of the Cinquecento, the rising economic prosperity of the Low Countries in the 16th and 17th centuries and the magnificence of the Spanish Golden Age, without forgetting the richness of European Rococo. The artists represented at the MNAC thanks to this distinuished collection include many outstanding, universally known names: great Italian painters such as Sebastiano dal Piombo, Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) and Giandomenico Tiepolo; superb exponents of the Flemish School in the form of Peter Paulus Rubens and Lucas Cranach; Jean-Honoré Fragonard and Maurice Quentin de la Tour and their French rococo works; and, finally, Francisco de Goya, whose revolutionary genius rounds off the artistic journey embraced by the Cambó Bequest.

  • Sebastiano del Piombo - Vittoria Colonna (?)

  • Tiziano Vecellio i taller - Dona davant el mirall

  • Giandomenico Tiepolo - El xarlatà

  • Pieter Paul Rubens - Mare de Déu i el Nen amb santa Isabel i sant Joanet

  • Lucas Cranach, "el Vell" - Parella amorosa desigual

  • Jean-Honoré Fragonard - Jean-Claude Richard, abbé of Saint-Non

  • Francisco de Goya - Al·legoria de l'amor (Cupid i Psique)

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