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Emperor Wen Of Sui - Late Kaihuang Era
... sought peace and, as per custom, its khan Murong Shifu (慕容世伏) offered his daughter to be a concubine for Emperor Wen ... Emperor Wen accepted the peace offer but declined the offer of Murong Shifu's daughter ... basis, but it is not clear.) In 596, Emperor Wen created a daughter of a clansman the Princess Guanghua and married her to Murong Shifu, to cement the peaceful relations with Tuyuhun ...
Murong Jun - As Emperor
... In 353, Murong Jun created his wife Princess Kezuhun empress and his heir apparent Murong Ye (慕容瞱) crown prince ... In 354, Murong Jun further created many of his uncles, brothers, and sons princes ... a Jin vassal (as Duke of Qi), wrote a letter to him denouncing him for claiming imperial title, Murong Jun sent Murong Ke and Yang Mu against him ...

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