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Chicago, Illinois - Law and Government - Crime
... Murders in the city peaked first in 1974, with 970 murders when the city's population was over 3 million people (resulting in a murder rate of around 29 per 100,000), and ... US cities, experienced a significant reduction in violent crime rates through the 1990s, eventually recording 448 homicides in 2004, the lowest total since 1965 (15.65 per 100,000.) Chicago's homicide tally remained ... In 2008, murders rebounded to 510, 2nd highest in the country (though not in per capita rate), breaking 500 for the first time since 2003 ...
Crime In Chicago - Overview
... Murders in the city peaked first in 1974, with 970 murders when the city's population was over three million, resulting in a murder rate of around 29 per 100,000, and again in 1992, with 943 murders when the city ... Following 1992, the murder count slowly decreased to 641 in 1999 ... In 2002, Chicago had fewer number of murders but a significantly higher murder rate than New York or Los Angeles ...
Crime In Toronto - 2005–present: "Year of The Gun", Shootings and The Falling Murder Rate
... homicides reached a record 52 out of 80 murders in total almost double the 27 gun deaths recorded the previous year ... Of the 84 murders in 2007, roughly half were via firearm, thus, Toronto had a murder rate of about 3.3 per 100,000 – slightly less than the peak rate of 3.9 in 1991 ... There was a drop in murders again in 2008 with 70 (a total of 105 murders in the Greater Toronto Area – including a record 27 in neighbouring Peel Region ...
Crime In Jamaica - Murder Rate
... In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders for a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people ... That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world ... There were 1,682 reported murders in 2009 and 1,428 in 2010 ...
Gun Politics - Arguments - Statistics - Gun Safety
... sponsors described as "the most stringent gun law" in the nation in 1966 two years later the murder rate was up 46% and the reported robbery rate had nearly doubled ... a series of increasingly harsh gun control measures and its murder rate tripled from a low of 2.4 per 100,000 in 1968 to 7.2 by 1977 ... Since then, the city's murder rate has risen 134% while the national murder rate has dropped 2% ...

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    Writing a book I have found to be like building a house. A man forms a plan, and collects materials. He thinks he has enough to raise a large and stately edifice; but after he has arranged, compacted and polished, his work turns out to be a very small performance. The authour however like the builder, knows how much labour his work has cost him; and therefore estimates it at a higher rate than other people think it deserves,
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    There’s in people simply an urge to destroy, an urge to kill, to murder and rage, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged, everything that has been built up, cultivated, and grown will be destroyed and disfigured, after which mankind will have to begin all over again.
    Anne Frank (1929–1945)