Muong may refer to:

  • Muong people, third largest of Vietnam’s 53 minority groups
    • Muong language, spoken by the Mường people of Vietnam
  • No Muong, king of the southern Laotian Kingdom of Champasak in 1811

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No Muong
... No Muong was king of the southern Laotian Kingdom of Champasak in 1811 ... Persondata Name Muong, No Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death ...
Muong Thanh Valley - Political History
... Laos and near the border with China, the Muong Thanh Valley and the surrounding region has had a long history of invasions and political change ... Three hundred years later the Muong Thanh Valley came under the occupation of the Phe people from Laos ... Until French rule began, the inhabitants of the Muong Thanh Valley and many of Vietnam's other highland minority groups were quite isolated from the lowland populations ...
Muong Nhe District - 2011 Muong Nhe Incident
... On 13 March 2012, eight ethnic Hmong men who allegedly traveled to Muong Nhe in 2011 to pray and await the arrival of a new king were jailed for up to 30 months guilty of “disturbing public ...
Muong Lat District
... Muong Lat (Vietnamese Mường Lát) is a district (huyện) of Thanh Hoa Province in the North Central Coastal region of Vietnam ... The district capital lies at Muong Lat ...