Multiple Variables

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C Sharp Syntax - Basics - Variables
... Variables are identifiers associated with values ... They are declared by writing the variable's type and name, and are optionally initialized in the same statement by assigning a value ... Declare int MyInt // Declaring an uninitialized variable called 'MyInt', of type 'int' Initialize int MyInt // Declaring an uninitialized variable MyInt = 35 // Initializing the variable Declare ...
Grassmann Integral - Multiple Variables
... Integration over multiple variables is defined by Fubini's theorem Note that the sign of the result depends on the order of integration ...
Probability Density Function - Dependent Variables and Change of Variables - Multiple Variables
... The above formulas can be generalized to variables (which we will again call y) depending on more than one other variable ... f(x1, …, xn) shall denote the probability density function of the variables that y depends on, and the dependence shall be y = g(x1, …, xn) ... dV must be replaced by a parametrization of this solution for a particular calculation the variables x1, …, xn are then of course functions of this parametrization ...

Famous quotes containing the words variables and/or multiple:

    The variables of quantification, ‘something,’ ‘nothing,’ ‘everything,’ range over our whole ontology, whatever it may be; and we are convicted of a particular ontological presupposition if, and only if, the alleged presuppositum has to be reckoned among the entities over which our variables range in order to render one of our affirmations true.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    There is a continual exchange of ideas between all minds of a generation. Journalists, popular novelists, illustrators, and cartoonists adapt the truths discovered by the powerful intellects for the multitude. It is like a spiritual flood, like a gush that pours into multiple cascades until it forms the great moving sheet of water that stands for the mentality of a period.
    Auguste Rodin (1849–1917)