Multicore Association - Active Working Groups

Active Working Groups

  • The Tools Infrastructure (TIWG) working group is defining a common data format and creating standards-based mechanisms to share data across diverse and non-interoperable development tools, specifically related to the interfaces between profiling (computer programming) and analysis/visualization tools. The TIWG is also collaborating with the CE Linux Forum on a reference implementation for a de facto trace data format standard that TIWG will define. TIWG is working on specification of multicore clocks to enable correlation (covers voltage and frequency scaling, multicore, multiple time sources) that will apply to many different types of tracing (OS and application instrumentation, hardware instruction and data, simulators/virtual platforms, and logic/bus/protocol analyzers). This working group is chaired by Brian Cruickshank of Texas Instruments and Aaron Spear of VMware.
  • The Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) working group is currently adding more features and functions to expand the usefulness of MCAPI for Version 2.x. The working group is working on interoperability and 'zero copy' functionality, including bidirectional interaction between 'application and application' using shared memory and bidirectional interaction between 'application and driver', which is being led by Sven Brehmer of PolyCore Software.
  • The Virtualization working group will focus on defining and optimizing a set of paravirtualization information and functions to communicate with an Embedded Hypervisor. The working group will also focus on a system to categorize the various virtualization features and functionality including within multicore processors. This working group is chaired by Rajan Goyal of Cavium Networks and Surender Kumar of Nokia Siemens Networks.

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