Mubin Shaikh

Mubin Shaikh was one of two undercover counter terrorism operatives for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in the 2006 Toronto Terrorism case. He was active with the Service for some years domestically as well as abroad but the details of his activities are subject to national security restrictions and have never been disclosed to the public. He moved on to become a Royal Canadian Mounted Police agent when one of the Service investigations uncovered a group of young Muslim men of various ethnic backgrounds intending to engage in criminal offences regarding terrorism.

He had expressed his dismay at many Canadians who were skeptical of the allegations of a legitimate terrorist plot.

Following three public hearings; Youth Preliminary Hearings(Jan. 2007), Adult Preliminary Hearings (Sep. 2007) and a Youth Trial by Judge (2008), and despite allegations of entrapment, in March 2009 judge John Sproat vindicated Shaikh of any wrongdoing and stated in his ruling that the groups plans were already underway prior to Shaikh's involvement and could not have been the result of the state abusing its authority. The full text of Judge Sproat's ruling can be found at

At the end of the Adult Trial by Jury in June 2010, a comprehensive presentation of previously restricted information including court exhibits entered as evidence, complete with transcripts and video was put forward by Isabel Teotonio of the Toronto Star. It can be accessed at:

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