MTR M-Train EMU - Disneyland Resort Line Stock

Disneyland Resort Line Stock

When Disneyland Resort Line opened in 2005, some Second-hand M-Train units were refurbished and assigned to the line. The MTR designed a new driverless train and produced it by refitting existing M-Trains for the line which is designed with a Disney theme in mind. Statues of well-known Disney characters are included inside of the trains, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Units A/C274 A/C281 A/C284 A/C289 A/C291 and B/C490 of M-Train have been assigned to the Disneyland Resort Line and completely refurbished into new trains as:

  • P501 - Q501 - Q502 - P502 (A291 - C291 - C284 - A284) (1)
  • P503 - Q503 - Q504 - P504 (A289 - C289 - C274 - A274) (2)
  • P505 - Q505 - Q506 - P506 (A281 - C281 - C490 - B490) (3)
  • ex B/C - Added cab to B car
  • Doors: 3 (side, 6 in total) (Electric Doors)

Each car is 3,000 mm (9 ft 10.11 in) wide over body panel, floor to rail is 1,100 mm (43.31 in) high and roof to rail is 3,700 mm (12 ft 1.67 in) high.

A service train has an acceleration of 1.0 m/s (3.28 ft/s) (3.6 kilometres per hour per second or 2.24 miles per hour per second), service brake is regenerative blend with air brake at the rate of 1.0 m/s (3.28 ft/s) (3.6 kilometres per hour per second or 2.24 miles per hour per second) and emergency brake is air-brake at 1.4 m/s (4.59 ft/s) 5.04 kilometres per hour per second or 3.13 miles per hour per second). The maximum speed for the M-Stock is 80 km/h (50 mph), and are fitted for driverless operation. Primary suspension is chevron springs, while the secondary suspension is air bags. Traction system is through GTO chopper control.

Cars of M-Train (Disneyland refurbishment)
mm ft in
P car 22,850 74 ft 11.6 in 6
Q car 22,000 72 ft 2.1 in 6

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