MT - Computing and The Internet

Computing and The Internet

  • Machine translation, a subfield of computational linguistics
  • Mauritius Telecom, a telecommunications and Internet service provider
  • Media Temple, a website hosting company
  • Mersenne twister, a pseudorandom number generator
  • Monotype Corporation, a font company
  • Movable Type, a weblog publishing system
  • .mt, the top-level Internet domain for Malta
  • Empty, meaning "out of ammunition" in text speak
  • Magnetic tape data storage, digital recording on magnetic tape
  • Main Tank, the person who soaks up all the damage in an MMORPG; see Tank (gaming)
  • Megatransfer, referring to a number of data transfers or operations; see transfer (computing)
  • Multi-threading, a concept in computer programming; see thread (computer science)
  • MT, short for mistype, a declaration of a mistake or typo when typing in a live-text platform such as instant messenger
  • MT, short for Modified Tweet on Twitter

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