MRCA may refer to:

  • Member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, post-nominal letters awarded on completion of the primary FRCA examination and 12 months specialist training. Usage is limited to those to longer in specialist training
  • Most recent common ancestor, a term referring to the most recent ancestor any set of organisms are directly descended from
  • Multirole combat aircraft, the concept of an aircraft that can be used for more than one combat role; particularly:
    • The NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft – the project that became the Panavia Tornado
    • Indian MRCA competition, an ongoing competition to supply the Indian Air Force with 126 multirole combat aircraft

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Surname DNA Project
... of generations until their most recent common ancestor (MRCA) ... match on 37 markers, there is a 90% probability that the MRCA was less than 5 generations ago and a 95% probability that the MRCA was less than 8 generations ago ...
Mcra - Time To MRCA Estimates
... Different types of MRCAs are estimated to have lived at different times in the past ... These time to MRCA (TMRCA) estimates are also computed differently depending on the type of MRCA being considered ... Patrilineal and matrilineal MRCAs (Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam) are traced by single gene markers, thus their TMRCA are computed based on DNA test results and ...