Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard is an Eisner Award-winning bi-monthly comic book series published by Archaia Studios Press. The comic stands out on shelves due to its distinctive form factor -– a square (8" × 8") as opposed to the standard comic size (6½" × 10"). Mouse Guard is written and illustrated by David Petersen.

Series one is collected in a single volume titled Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (ISBN 1-932386-57-2). A Mouse Guard Series two started in July 2007 and is entitled Winter 1152. David Petersen has also stated plans for further Mouse Guard stories. One will deal with Celanawe's back-story while another will deal with the winter war of 1149. In a recent interview Petersen said he was planning a story about Kenzie and Saxon's early guard days.

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Mouse Guard - Awards
... 2008 Winner of "Best Publication for Kids" Eisner Award, for Mouse Guard Fall 1152 and Mouse Guard Winter 1152 ... Graphic Album—Reprint" Eisner Award, for Mouse Guard Fall 1152 ...
David Petersen (comics) - Career
... The first Mouse Guard mini-series established the Guard's origin ... characters of 1149, which was to be later known as Mouse Guard, originally involved several different types of animals, but during college Petersen reexamined his story ...

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