Motive Power

In thermodynamics, motive power is an agency, such as water or steam, used to impart motion. Generally, motive power is defined as a natural agent, as water, steam, wind, electricity, etc., used to impart motion to machinery; a motor; a mover. The term may also define something, as a locomotive or a motor, which provides motive power to a system. In current use, motive power may be thought of as a synonym for either "work", i.e. force times distance, or "power", an effect producing motion, depending on the context of the discussion.

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... In 1834, the French mining engineer Emile Clapeyron refers to Carnot’s motive power as “mechanical action” ... As an example, during the expansion stroke of a piston engine he states that “the gas will have developed a quantity of mechanical action during its expansion given by the integral of the product of the pressure times the differential of the volume.” Clapeyron then goes on to use graphical methods to show how this "mechanical action", i.e ...
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... of her land, buildings, and enough water to provide the motive power to run her mill, were Darvall V ... ruled that plaintiff, having no mill that was deprived of its motive power, was not entitled to damages to the use of the water, but that this could only be decided by a decision by the full ... of 11 acres (45,000 m2) and buildings and the motive power of water to his mill, the jury returned a verdict for Edward Lord of damages for £11,000 and ...
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3 Feet or 1000mm) Z-narrow gauge(2 ft 6 in) N-narrow gauge (2 ft) The second letter (motive power) D-Diesel C-DC electric (can run under DC traction only) A-AC electric ...
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... for main line motive power however, EE did win three further contracts these being the 5 H class, 10 K Class and the 5 R and 16 RA units ... E class RR 0-6-0 shunter were added to the motive power fleet, bringing to that time a total of 17 main line diesel units ... services were handled utilising diesel motive power, when some 80+ units were in operation, both on 3'6" and 4'8 1/2" ...

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    The short lesson that comes out of long experience in political agitation is something like this: all the motive power in all of these movements is the instinct of religious feeling. All the obstruction comes from attempting to rely on anything else. Conciliation is the enemy.
    John Jay Chapman (1862–1933)