Moskva (Russian: Москва) is Moscow, in the Russian language.

Moskva may also refer to:

  • Moskva, a medium-format camera made by Krasnogorskiy Zavod
  • Moskva, a ZX Spectrum computer clone
  • Moskva (album), by Russian pop group Glukoza

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Master K - Unofficial Clones - Moskva
... Moskva was the name of two ZX Spectrum clones ... Moskva 48K (Москва/Moscow) was the first mass-produced clone of the 48K Spectrum in Russia ... Moskva 128K was a faithful clone of ZX Spectrum 128K with built-in printer interface, joystick, TV/RGB port but without sound processor and disk drive ...
Andrey Zaliznyak - Major Works
... Moskva, 1967 ... Moskva, 1977, (further editions are 1980, 1987, 2003) ... Kochergina, Moskva, 1978 ...
List Of Ender's Game Series Planets - Moskva
... In Children of the Mind Jane fakes evidence to make it look like Peter and Wang-mu travelled to Divine Wind on a ship from Moskva ... Also they speak a Russian like dialect as Si Wang-Mu thinks when grace talks to them about their 'home" in Moskvan ...
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... Moskva Nauka, 2004 ... Moskva Восточная литература Vostochaia Literatura, 2002 ... Moskva Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Int ...
Moskva, Tver Oblast
... Moskva (Russian Москва́) is a village in Penovsky District of Tver Oblast, Russia, located on the shore of Ordonikolskoye Lake ...