Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a crime in which the intent is to materially misrepresent or omit information on a mortgage loan application to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than would have been obtained had the lender or borrower known the truth.

In United States federal courts, mortgage fraud is prosecuted as wire fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud and money laundering, with penalties of up to thirty years imprisonment. As the incidence of mortgage fraud has risen over the past few years, states have also begun to enact their own penalties for mortgage fraud.

Mortgage fraud is not to be confused with predatory mortgage lending, which occurs when a consumer is misled or deceived by agents of the lender. However, predatory lending practices often co-exist with mortgage fraud.

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    He saw, he wish’d, and to the prize aspir’d.
    Resolv’d to win, he meditates the way,
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    Few ask, if fraud or force attain’d his ends.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    The mortgage is still in our name but, increasingly, the house is theirs. One diaper, one vote.
    Fred G. Gosman (20th century)