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Mortgage Industry Of Denmark - General - The "balance Principle"
... The Danish Mortgage Credit Act imposes strict matching rules between the assets (e.g ... mortgage loans) and the liabilities (e.g ... mortgage bonds) of mortgage credit institutions ...
Synthetic CDO - Impact On The Subprime Mortgage Crisis
... of CDS and synthetic CDOs, you could have only as much exposure as there were mortgage bonds in existence ... approximately $1 trillion in subprime and Alt-A mortgages were securitized by Wall Street ... Unlike a “normal” CDO, which contained the bonds themselves, the synthetic version contains CDS — derivatives that “referenced” a particular group of ...
George W. Bush's Second Term As President Of The United States - Domestic Policy - Economy
... until a huge increase in the price of oil occurred and the subprime mortgage crisis went into full swing ... warnings, accusing the Administration of creating an "artificial issue." At a speech to the Mortgage Bankers Association conference, Rep ... Frank said "people tend to pay their mortgages ...
Collateralized Debt Obligation - Subprime Mortgage Crisis
... Main article Subprime mortgage crisis See also Subprime lending and Bear Stearns subprime mortgage hedge fund crisis The CDO played a pivotal role in financing the housing ... Treasury bonds early in the decade ... banks on Wall Street answered this demand with financial innovation such as the mortgage-backed security (MBS) and collateralized debt obligation (CDO), which were assigned safe ratings by the credit rating ...

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    It’s rather grisly, isnt it, how soon a living man becomes nothing more than a collection of stocks and bonds and debts and real estate?
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    We are playing with fire when we skip the years of three, four, and five to hurry children into being age six.... Every child has a right to his fifth year of life, his fourth year, his third year. He has a right to live each year with joy and self-fulfillment. No one should ever claim the power to make a child mortgage his today for the sake of tomorrow.
    James L. Hymes, Jr. (20th century)