Mori No Ike

Mori no Ike (森の池, Mori no Ike?, Lake of the Woods) is the Japanese language program of Concordia Language Villages, located in Dent, Minnesota, U.S.A. Japanese is one of the 15 languages offered by Concordia Language Villages. Mori no Ike is a Japanese immersion summer camp where campers, called gakusei (学生, "student"; 4-week credit program) and seito (生徒, "pupil"; 2-week and 1-week non-credit sessions) together with their counselors, called sensei (先生, "teacher") learn Japanese language and culture. Campers and counselors all choose a Japanese name to use during the session, and make a wooden nafuda (名札, "nametag") to wear at camp. Campers partake in traditional Japanese cuisine and cultural activities such as kendo, origami, and taiko drumming in addition to their lessons. Lessons take place in small groups based on proficiency in Japanese. As in all of the other Concordia Language Villages, counselors are not permitted to talk to the campers in English or any other language besides the target language (except in the case of emergencies) for a true immersive experience.

Mori no Ike offers 1-week exploratory, 2-week immersion, and 4-week credit programs. CLV also offers a Japanese Village Weekend program for school groups in the fall. In the past there was also an abroad program to Japan, but the program has since been suspended.

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Mori No Ike - History
... The first Mori no Ike Japanese program was offered in the summer of 1988 ... an increase in enrollment numbers lead to the expansion of Mori no Ike programs ... In 2005, Mori no Ike became a multiple site village with the addition of the Cass Lake, MN location ...