Molesey Boat Club - Members


Some current racing members of note include:

Richard Knight:
Martin Cross: Olympic Bronze and Gold: 4- 1980, 4+ 1984
Ian McNuff: Olympic Bronze: 4- 1980
Richard Stanhope: Olympic Silver: 8+ 1980,
Greg Searle: Olympic Gold and Bronze: 2+ 1992, 4- 1996
Jonny Searle: Olympic Gold and Bronze: 2+ 1992, 4- 1996
Philip Simmons: Olympian GBR 8+ 2004
Simon Fieldhouse: World Championships GBR 4+ 2006, 4x 2007
Fred Gill: Cambridge University Blue 2010
Dan Ouseley: Olympian 8+ 2004
Peter Marsland: Cambridge University Blue 2008, 2009.
Ben Smith: Oxford University Blue 2008
Acer Nethercott: Olympic Silver Medallist: 8+ 2008
Rowley Douglas: Monkton Combe 2nd 8+, Olympic Gold Medallist: 8+ 2000

Current Members of the GB Rowing Team:

Andrew Triggs-Hodge: Olympic Gold Medallist: 4- 2008, 4-2012
Tom James: Olympic Gold Medallist: 4- 2008, 4- 2012
Tom Solesbury: World Championships GBR 8+ 2006, 2007, Olympian 2- 2008
Tom Ransley: World Championships GBR 8+ 2009-2011; Cambridge University Blue 2008, 2009
Cameron Nichol: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011
Mohamed Sbihi: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011, Olympic Bronze Medallist: 8+ 2012
James Foad: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011
Andrew Holmes: Junior World Champion GBR 4- 2009

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