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Professional Activities

During his study in France Prof Gandhi returned every year in Somalia to teach and support as a Professor in the Departments of History and Geology at the University of Mogadishu. Since 1987

Professor was consultant to the National Museum of Somalia (since 1988) which he had set the task of identifying and classifying ancient manuscripts (especially those held by the Sheikhs and clqn leaders) to build a directory of literary ( oral or written) and objects of art.

Prof Gandhi is the Co-founding member of the Association Somali Peace Line, Paris, 1996.

Prof Gandhi worked as a Consultant to “Doctors Without Borders” from Switzerland, Spain and other international organizations between Jan 2006-Feb 2007 where they build schools and training center for nurses and he built clinic in Kulbiyoow, Lower Jubba and surrounding area where his beloved mother was born. In addition, the professor Gandhi built a mosque and education center for midwife nurse clinic in memory of his beloved mother. Professor Gandhi worked as Consultant Expert to UNESCO between 1995 and 1998, where he wrote many books and articles, including:

  • Somali Translation of Poems for a Poetry of Anthology of African sub-Saharan Africa, published in 1995 under the direction of Bernard Magnier. Which was conducting an inventory of intellectuals and nongovernmental organizations Somali opening for peace in Somalia published 10/25/1995.
  • "How to involve women in the Somali peace process," Program for Culture of Peace, UNESCO published 1998.
  • "Women and the Somali Peace" Program for Culture of Peace, UNESCO published 1998
  • "Dictionary of the People, companies from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania ,under the direction of Jean-Christophe Tamisier, and Larousse-Bordas, 1998

Professor Gandhi is an Associate Member of the Institute of Science and Techniques of the Ancient World (ISTA), CNRS, ESA 6048 (since 1992), he is still a supervisor of research.

Prof Gandhi worked as Research Officer 1st Class, March 1999-February 2001 IRD: at the Institute of Development Research (formerly ORSTOM)

Gandhi was the Technical Committee Chairman for the Conference for Peace held at Arta in Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti), from March to September 2000.

  • Consultant for UNOPS, Somali Civil Protection Program 2001 and Consultant advisor to the UNDP,

Senior Program Adviser, SCPP, UNDP, 2002.

  • Principal Consultant Mapping of Somali Civil Society Organizations, NOVIB, Somalia, 2002.
  • Representative of civil society in the peace process in El-Doret and Nairobi (Kenya), October 2002 to November 2004.

Administrative activities: Creation of "Somali Studies" in France and Europe edition of collected works. Co-founding member of the French Association of Somali Studies (established 1986) and the European Association of Somali Studies (established 1990). To bring together researchers "Somaliazation" Europe, these associations have organized several seminars and cultural events. Professor Gandhi was responsible for preparing the following events: First conference of Somali Studies, Paris, IMA, 11–13 July 1988 in collaboration with Mrs. Danièle Kintz and Mr. Osman Omar Rabah;

Second Conference of Somali Studies, Besançon, 8–11 October 1990 and accompanying exhibitions (Dole and Besançon); Forum: "The civil war in Somalia: When and How? Why?", Paris, IMA, 7–8 April 1992; Forum: "Peace and Reconciliation in Somalia", Paris, IMA, 15–17 April 1993; Congress of Somali Studies on the theme "For a Culture of Peace in Somalia", Paris, 25–27 October 1995. During his time as a Defense minister, Professor Gandhi organized and held meeting in Washington DC that he aimed to bring together former high-ranking officers from the military, police, custodial and intelligence services for in-depth discussions on both the historical background of the Somali security forces, and on the re-establishment and the strengthening of the capacity of the security sector institutions in Somalia. He proposed 36 thousand strong army led by former Somali senior military to revive the Somali nationhood.

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