Module Structure

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Hurwitz Quaternion Order - Module Structure
... The order is also generated by elements and In fact, the order is a free -module over the basis ... Here the generators satisfy the relations which descend to the appropriate relations in the (2,3,7) triangle group, after quotienting by the center ...
Definition of Verma Modules
... To define the Verma module, we begin by defining some other modules , the one-dimensional -vector space (i.e ... whose underlying set is itself) together with a -module structure such that acts as multiplication by and the positive root spaces act trivially ... As is a left -module, it is consequently a left -module ...
Tensor Product Of Modules - Additional Structure
... general, it does not immediately have an R-module structure ... is an (S,R)-bimodule, then M⊗RN can be made into a left S-module using the obvious operation s(m⊗n)=(sm⊗n) ... if N is an (R,T)-bimodule, then M⊗RN is a right T-module using the operation (m⊗n)t=(m⊗nt) ...

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