Modulating Signal

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Intensity Modulation
... optical power output of a source is varied in accordance with some characteristic of the modulating signal ... The envelope of the modulated optical signal is an analog of the modulating signal in the sense that the instantaneous power of the envelope is an analog of ... Recovery of the modulating signal is by direct detection, not heterodyning ...
Frequency Modulation Synthesis - Functioning
... The harmonic distribution of a simple sine wave signal modulated by another sine wave signal can be represented with Bessel functions – this provides a basis for a ... An audio-frequency modulating waveform, with a frequency Fm, is then applied to change or "modulate" the frequency of the carrier oscillator ... Otherwise, the amplitude of the modulating signal causes the frequency of the carrier oscillator to swing above and below Fc ...
Beam-index Tube - History - Apple Tube
... had enough time to respond to the indexing signal and adjust the color, a separate "pilot beam" was generated from the gun and positioned to lead the main "writing beam" by a small distance within the tube ... pilot and writing beams hit the index stripes, two signals would be generated as the beams swept across the tube ... between them, the pilot beam was modulated with a varying signal timed so that it was at maximum power only when it would be in the approximate location of the index stripes ...
Frequency Synthesizer - Use As A Frequency Modulator
... The modulating signal is added to the output of the loop filter, directly varying the frequency of the VCO and the synthesizer output ... Any spectral components in the modulating signal too low to be blocked by the loop filter end up back at the VCO input with opposite polarity to the ... cannot directly handle low frequency (or DC) modulating signals but this is not a problem in the many AC-coupled video and audio FM transmitters that ...

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