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Mythopoeic Thought - The Term
... Adventure of Ancient Man An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East, later republished as the 1949 paperback Before Philosophy The Intellectual ... Frankfort, argue that mythopoeic thought characterizes a distinct stage of human thought that differs fundamentally from modern, scientific thought ... Mythopoeic thought, the Frankforts claim, was concrete and personifying, whereas modern thought is abstract and impersonal more basically, mythopoeic thought is "pre-philosophical", while ...
Characteristics of Mythopoeic Thought - Personalistic View of Nature
... the fundamental difference between the attitudes of modern and ancient man as regards the surrounding world is this for modern, scientific man the ... Modern thought "reduces the chaos of perceptions to an order in which typical events take place according to universal laws." For example, consider a river ... In that case, modern thought doesn't conclude that the laws of nature have changed instead, it searches for a set of fixed, universal laws that can explain why the ...
Cosmic Pluralism - Modern Thought
... The historic debate continues to have modern parallels, however ... be considered "pluralists" while proponents of the Rare Earth hypothesis are modern skeptics ...

Famous quotes containing the words thought and/or modern:

    He was the finest of our happy men;
    He had all joys, he never thought of death;
    He fiddled sometimes with his mind, and then
    Shook off the tremor like a nervous wren....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    We could hardly believe that after so many ordeals, after all the trials of modern skepticism, there was still so much left in our souls to destroy.
    Alexander Herzen (1812–1870)