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... Waimanu is a genus of early penguin which lived soon after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event ... support the idea that the radiation of the Neoaves (including most modern birds) either took place before the extinction of the dinosaurs, or that it must have been extremely ... While it was a very early member of the sphenisciformes (the order that included modern Penguins), Waimanu was flightless like all modern penguins ...
Spheniscinae - Systematics and Evolution - Evolution - Origin and Systematics of Modern Penguins
... Modern penguins consititute two undisputed clades and another two more basal genera with more ambiguous relationships ... Presumedly diverging from other penguins around 40 mya, it seems that the Spheniscinae were for quite some time limited to their ancestral area, as the well-researched deposits of ... Aptenodytes appears to be the basalmost divergence among living penguins they have bright yellow-orange neck, breast, and bill patches incubate by placing their eggs on their feet, and when ...

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