Modeh Ani

Modeh Ani or Modeh (Hebrew: מודה אני; "I give thanks," the first words of the prayer) is a Jewish prayer that observant Jews recite daily upon waking, while still in bed.

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Modeh Ani - Tradition
... thank God, and that is the purpose of the Modeh Ani ... As the Modeh Ani does not include any of the names of God, observant Jews may recite it before washing their hands ... is Your faithfulness." The tradition to recite Modeh Ani upon waking grew up after the Talmud ...
Hasidic Philosophy - Definition and Relation To The Other Levels of Torah Interpretation, and To Mainstream Jewish Philos - Philosophical Explanation
... words a Jew says upon awakening in the morning, "Modeh ani...", in line with the Rebbe's emphasis on action in serving God) and then proceeds to explain it on each of the 4 successive levels ... the Rebbe gives the Hasidic meaning of Modeh ani, the 5th level of explanation ... on to show how now that we know the Hasidic interpretation of Modeh ani, each of the previous 4 explanations takes on a whole new meaning ...