Mobile Weapons

Mobile weapons (機動兵器, kidō heiki?) are fictional weapon systems from the Gundam anime metaseries. The term originally includes all self-propelled military used vehicles including traditional tanks and aircraft. However, the English term was used to generalize all weapons including mobile suits, mobile armour and any other machines based on the same mecha technologies. Note that in Universal Century, most weapons are designed to combat under the influence of the Minovsky Particle and thus differ from conventional weapons.

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USS Tattnall (DDG-19) - 1980s
... for the guided-missile destroyer to utilize her various weapon systems ... After removal of weapons at Charleston, South Carolina (31 July-4 August), the ship returned to Mayport on 7 August to prepare for a 15-month overhaul ... In early April 1983, she tested her weapons systems during trials in Port Everglades and her ASW systems at the AUTEC range in the Bahamas ...
Mobile Weapons - Miscellaneous Types
... to the types listed here, there are a number of units that can be classified as mobile weapons but do not fit into any of the standard subcategories ... the GP-03 Dendrobium Orchis, which has many characteristics of both a mobile suit and a mobile armour but not officially classified as any ... The MAX-03 Adzam is also one of these, although it is usually classified as a mobile armour in video games, it is not classified as one according to MS ...

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