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Lyrics Born - Discography - Production Credits
... Poets of Rhythm 'Discern/Define'", Mobile Home Recordings/Quannum Projects "Later That Day", Mobile Home Recordings/Quannum Projects "Same !@#$ Different Day", Mobile Home Recordings/Quan ... Possum "Overnite Encore Lyrics Born LIVE!", Mobile Home Recordings/Quannum Projects "Pigeon John 'and the Summertime Pool Party'", Mobile Home Recordings/Quannum ...

Famous quotes containing the words recordings, mobile and/or home:

    All radio is dead. Which means that these tape recordings I’m making are for the sake of future history. If any.
    Barré Lyndon (1896–1972)

    From three to six months, most babies have settled down enough to be fun but aren’t mobile enough to be getting into trouble. This is the time to pay some attention to your relationship again. Otherwise, you may spend the entire postpartum year thinking you married the wrong person and overlooking the obvious—that parenthood can create rough spots even in the smoothest marriage.
    Anne Cassidy (20th century)

    When they are not at war they do a little hunting, but spend most of their time in idleness, sleeping and eating. The strongest and most warlike do nothing. They vegetate, while the care of hearth and home and fields is left to the women, the old and the weak. Strange inconsistency of temperament, which makes the same men lovers of sloth and haters of tranquility.
    Tacitus (c. 55–c. 120)