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The GNU Compiler Collection includes an MMIX back-end for its C/C++ compilers, contributed by Hans-Peter Nilsson and part of the main GCC distribution since late 2001. As of January 2011, the MMIX back-end to GCC continues to be actively developed and maintained by volunteers.

  • Installation instructions for GCC + MMIX tools by Hans-Peter Nilsson.
  • §3.17.26. MMIX Options for GNU GCC version 4.5.2 (GNU GCC Web site).
  • §9.25. MMIX-dependent Features for GNU as from GNU binutils version 2.21, the assembler back-end for GNU GCC (GNU Binutils Web site).

The above tools could theoretically be used to compile, build, and bootstrap an entire FreeBSD, Linux, or other similar operating system kernel onto MMIX hardware, were such hardware to exist.

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