Mm Broad

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... sprays with scale-like leaves 1–8 mm long and 1–1.5 mm broad the leaves are arranged in opposite decussate pairs, with the successive pairs closely ... The cones are 10–15 mm long, green ripening brown in about 8 months from pollination, and have four thick scales arranged in two opposite pairs ... The seeds are 5–7 mm long and 2 mm broad, with a 3–4 mm broad papery wing on each side ...
Tsuga Mertensiana - Description
... The shoots are orange-brown, with dense pubescence about 1 mm long ... The leaves are needle-like, 7–25 mm long and 1–1.5 mm broad, soft, blunt-tipped, only slightly flattened in cross-section, pale glaucous blue-green above, and with two broad bands of ... of hemlock, pendulous, cylindrical, 30–80 mm long and 8–10 mm broad when closed, opening to 12–35 mm broad, superficially somewhat like a small spruce cone ...

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