Miyu Greer - Abilities


Miyu's main source of power throughout both series is her Mythril Dress, which changes color depending on the weapon being used. She is apparently extremely fast, as she is able to cut a moving missile fired by Natsuki's CHILD Duran with little effort. The My-Otome version of this dress replaces the skirt with short-like pants. She houses an unknown amount of internal weaponry inside her body, including her "Maria" sword arm (Navy Sword Mode), her default mode; a chainsaw (Ochre Mode), a gatling gun/artillery (Scarlet Mode), a drill (Khai Green), and an anti-materializing weapon (Platinum Secret). Also, in Otome, her arsenal is redesigned: Instead of a gatling gun, she possesses triple machine gun, and in addition, her "Maria" sword arm can upgrade to the gold sword arm, "Artemis" with the help of her pet bird, Alyssa. Note that this upgrade is accessed through equipping the "Millennium Queen", a reference to Mai-HiME's Alyssa.

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