Miwin's Dice

Miwin's Dice are a set of nontransitive dice invented in 1975 by the physicist Michael Winkelmann. They consist of three different dice with faces bearing numbers from 1 to 9; opposite faces sum to 9, 10, or 11. The numbers on each die give the sum of 30 and have an arithmetic mean of 5.

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... Stiftung Spielen in Österreich", Leopoldsdorf, where "Miwin's dice" won the prize "Novel Independent Dice Game of the Year". 14 alternatives of gambling and strategic games existed for Miwin's dice ... The periodical "Spielbox" had two variants of games for Miwin's dice in the category "Unser Spiel im Heft" (now known as "Edition Spielbox") the solitaire game 5 to 4, and the ...

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