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2008 Wisdom For A Modern World

The "Wisdom for a Modern World" 2008 MITRA Buddhist Conference was held at the University of Technology, Sydney. The theme explored how the wisdom of Buddhism can be experienced in all aspects of our lives even in our chaotic modern world we can find a peace and tranquility awaiting those who seek it.

A DVD of the Conference is available which includes footage of all 6 talks including Venerable Robina Courtin's explanation of transforming the mind, Venerable David Lungtok on Emptiness, Venenerable U Vamsarakkhita on "The Buddha's Teaching - Simple, Practical and Powerful" and Venerable Shravasti Dhammika on "2500 Years of Evolving Truth". Profits from DVD sales will be donated to Venerable Sister Yeshe Chodron's Kalyanamitra Foundation which delivers social services to the poor regions of India.

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