Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. - Career - Medal of Honor Action

Medal of Honor Action

On the night of 5 November, 2nd Battalion was holding positions on Hill 123, near Chonghyon, just north of the river. Red Cloud, then a Corporal, was manning a forward listening post in front of E Company's position.

In the middle of the night, he began hearing suspicious noises, before spotting a number of Chinese troops intent on surprising the Americans. Red Cloud raised an alarm and began firing on the advancing Chinese troops with an M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. The Chinese returned fire, wounding him. In spite of these wounds, he refused to withdraw from his post, continuing to attack the Chinese troops with accurate fire which caused significant casualties among their advancing force. Crucially, his actions alerted the American troops to the impending attack, preventing an ambush. Red Cloud propped himself against a tree to continue firing, exposing himself to intense Chinese fire. He was shot at least eight times in this battle. Suffering from severe injuries, he ordered his troops to tie him upright to the tree, as he was too weak to support himself, before he ordered them to withdraw to the main positions. Eventually, the Chinese overran his position.

Red Cloud's actions gave E Company time and warning to blunt the Chinese offensive, eventually repelling the attack. His actions are also credited with allowing the company to evacuate several others wounded in the attack. When the troops of E Company returned to his position the next morning, his body was reportedly surrounded by a large number of dead Chinese troops.

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