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Next follows the novitiate which is the time for preparing to take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The novitiate year is crucial, for it is then “…that the novices better understand their divine vocation, and indeed one which is proper to the institute, experience the manner of living of the institute, and form their mind and heart in its spirit, and so that their intention and suitability are tested.” Thus, the novices are given the opportunity for longer periods of prayer and spiritual reading as well as silence in order to reflect on the vocation God is offering and nature of their response. The spiritual development of the novice is of particular focus, especially through spiritual direction. During the novitiate the history and Constitutions of the Congregation are studied in depth.

A simple profession is made at the end of the novitiate and the person officially becomes a member of the Congregation for “By religious profession, members assume the observance of the three evangelical counsels by public vow, are consecrated to God through the ministry of the Church, and are incorporated into the institute with the rights and duties defined by law.”

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... The novitiate of the Polish Province of Society of Jesus was opened in Braunsberg in 1568 ... The first person who entered the novitiate was Michał Chałkowski, whose examination took place in Braunsberg on 15 June 1569 ... The novitiate was located at first in the building of the collegium, then in the old building of the convictus ...

Novitiate, alt. noviciate, is the period of training and preparation that a novice (or prospective) monastic or member of a religious institute undergoes prior to taking vows in order to discern whether he is called to the religious life.

A novice is free to quit the novitiate at any time, and the Superior is free to dismiss him or her with or without cause. During the novitiate, the novice often wears clothing that is distinct from secular dress but is not the full habit worn by professed members of the community. The novice's day normally encompasses participation in the full canonical hours, manual labor, and classes designed to instruct novices in the religious life he is preparing to embrace. Spiritual exercises and tests of humility are common features of a novitiate. Many Roman Catholic communities encourage frequent confession and reception of Holy Communion by their novices.

A Superior will often appoint an experienced member of the community to oversee the training of novices. This may be a single novice master or mistress who is responsible for the training of all novices; or an individual elder may be appointed for each novice.

Different religious communities will have varying requirements for the duration of the novitiate. Often one must complete a postulancy before officially entering the novitiate. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the novitiate is officially set at three years before one may be tonsured a monk or nun, though this requirement may be waived.

The term "novitiate" also refers to the building or complex within a monastery or convent that is devoted exclusively to the needs of novices (sleeping, training, etc.).

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... the aspirant enters into a 6 month long pre-novitiate formation followed by 2-month long immersion in a Salesian house within the province ... The pre-novitiate, or postulancy, is the period when the formandee discerns if the Salesian life is attuned to his vocation in life ...
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